Who are we and what do we do?



A brief background


RISE Academy of Entrepreneurship is a project created by the owner of U-PARTY, an under-18 events brand which raises funds for schools in South Africa. U-PARTY’s teenaged audience’s demand for career help has been deafening over the past five years. Teens are no longer sure that they will be accepted into their universities of choice. With an increasingly competitive job market and comparatively small formal business sector in South Africa our youth feel confused and somewhat defeated by their future career prospects. After listening to their concerns U-PARTY created RISE Academy of Entrepreneurship in answer. The academy is the first of its kind, offering the youth both practical business skills as well as the opportunity to develop their talents.



The business of art and the art of business


For our students who want to be future entertainment stars we have both a professional mentor who works on their area of talent, as well as large classes where these students are encouraged to network with the future generation of business leaders whilst being taught basic business skills by current industry leaders. Our belief is that the only way to inspire a young DJ or dancer to embrace learning how to brand and manage their career, is by having these business instructions delivered by their own idols such as Gareth Cliff and Euphonik. In this way our pupils not only build on their talents and lay the foundations for achieving their dream career by learning how to navigate the business world, but they also gain valuable insight into their dream industries, helping them to discover if these industries are really where they can see themselves in the future.

For our students with business ambitions we offer mentors who work on practical business skills, encouraging our students to pitch their business ideas and explore the ins and outs of business management. Additionally these students attend the large business classes with our pupils from all career disciplines, where they are encouraged to network whilst learning their basic business theory from large industry names. There’s nothing like a successful entrepreneur to inspire South Africa’s budding entrepreneurial minds.

“Passion is the source of all drive, but without entrepreneurship skills the passion often goes unfulfilled and the drive dies. RISE Academy is
dedicated to help bridge that gap and and assists students in living their passion.” Mark Stent