Oskido & Boiler Room

OskidoRise was invited to an exclusive Boiler Room event, The True Music Forum.


We made our way with some of our students to a super trendy Jo’burg venue, Vicoria Yards.


The first speaker of the evening was none other than South African music legend, Oskido.


OskidoNormally when an artist is interviewed, it’s all about the music. Luckily for us, this particular interview was hard-hitting and explored the actual music industry with him.


Oskido navigated the industry in a completely novel way, breaking into it by himself rather than with the help of a label. His story taught us so much about how SA’s music scene works. Underground artists in this country do have the opportunity to break into the main stream market.


The highlight of our entire evening was Oskido giving advice on how to succeed in SA’s music industry. He puts it down to self- confidence.



His exact words were, “believe in yourself, I believe.”


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