Lindy Liebmann

Head of Dance Stream

Lindy Liebmann started her career in ballet, branching out into freestyle and hip hop, she later trained in various styles including contemporary and break dancing.

Winner of various awards (as an amateur dancer) including South African Championin 2002 and Dancer of the year title, she has completed her Professional Dance Diploma with the South African Dance Teachers’ Association. Lindy also recently did a teachers’ training course with Pulse New York, a renowned dance school known for its exceptional choreographers (Wade Robson, Robert Hoffman, Mia Michaels, Chris Judd and other top US choreographers).

After turning professional in 2002 she performed in various corporate shows in South Africa and abroad. Whilst being a performer she also studied sports science at The University of the Witwatersrand and taught at the Daniel Swanepoel dance studio.

Lindy runs a top dance school in Johannesburg, so successful that it has grown to three branches. Her clear love for dance and her entrepreneurial flair, responsible for so much of her success, make her an inspiration to our young RISE dancers. Lindy’s favourite saying is, “Dance is my passion, my Fascination my True Love.”