Craig Green


Craig Green is a self-made entrepreneur who, at age 32, has never worked a day for any ‘boss’ other than himself. Starting his own DJ Company whilst in high school, Craig morphed this project into a fully-fledged events company, Year 3000 followed by U-PARTY, whose primary goal is to help South African schools fund-raise for better education which he believes will shape the future of SA.

Craig completed his Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of the Witwatersrand whilst running and growing U-PARTY. He has created his own empire, starting and owning a number of successful companies to date. He has also groomed many young entrepreneurs such as Nicola Coundourakis and the other co-founder of RISE, Sue Green.

RISE is another way in which Craig gets to aid South African education whilst expressing his flair for business and inspiring young entrepreneurs to start following their own passion. There could be no greater or more authentic role model than Craig to teach our RISE students to own their future.