Deborah Barnard

Head of Modelling

Deborah Barnard

Deborah Barnard started modelling at age 15 years. She spent a year living in Paris for modelling and subsequently another year in Japan – these two years showed her how intense the modelling industry truly is and she learnt how much hard work it took to be successful. At age 18 she moved to Cape Town, then the heart of the South African modelling industry, where she was highly successful featuring in editorials and magazine covers for large names such as Cosmopolitan, Fair Lady, Sarie, and Rooi Rose.

Having made it as a model, she became restless at 21 and started exploring different parts of the industry. She discovered a niche talent for scouting new faces and a flair for booking them. Many years later she moved to Johannesburg and has since spent the largest portion of her career working with and booking for one of South Africa’s most prestigious modelling agencies, Boss Models.

RISE students are fortunate to be mentored by someone so well connected who not only knows what it takes to make it in the modelling world, but who also has a truly exceptional understanding of the business side of the industry. Deborah is passionate about her students’ personal development and sharing her knowledge of the industry with them.

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