Basic Business Skills

RISE’s Basic Business Skills course provides students with the theoretical basics of owning their own business or career in an environment where they can network with teenagers across a range of industry interests. Beyond this they have small focused classes in which they put their theoretical knowledge into practice. By the end of the course they will have gone through all the steps of setting up their own business venture with the advice and guidance of exceptional, established business owners. RISE facilitates this process and inspires students to continue their business venture as a serious prospect for their post-school career choice.


Why Business?

Regardless of which industry or profession you find yourself in, having a foundational knowledge of how money works and being business savvy is always an asset. In an ever competitive formal business sector, having a sharp entrepreneurial eye can set you apart from your colleagues and help you seize possible business opportunities you come across in life. There is nothing more empowering than managing your own money with competence and handling your career with confidence. The best way to overcome the fears around being successful in an increasingly undersized formal sector is to expand that sector to accommodate your own strengths and create your own business. Having a sound knowledge of business and money can open a young adult’s eyes to what their future prospects may be and give them the confidence to pursue their dreams in any industry of their choice. The ‘big bad world’ after school looks a lot less scary when you have the top young entrepreneurial minds in the country to guide you through it and show you the ropes.

Rise Academy



The fees for this course are R8 700 (split into smaller monthly payments) with a R 2,000.00 deposit per course