Meet the Pro’s – Career Guidance

We create a safe and informative environment for students to explore the different career opportunities they will have after school. It can be difficult making decisions about career choices and what to study after school. Too often the decision can be completely uninformed as there is shortage of career guidance available to South African teens. We have a set of professionals ready to share their knowledge about their field and career.

Teens can look at whether a certain industry could be well suited for them, with the help and guidance of a pro. Hearing about a new industry from a seasoned player can often spark an interest in new career options.Discovering what an industry is really all about can also help teens to realise that it may not be suited to them at all, and help them to avoid wasting money and time applying for a degree which they are likely to drop out of.

Currently students can choose to explore Law, Medicine, Business (Finance and Accounting), and Entrepreneurship.


Each pro covers the following questions about their profession:

Career Guidance
The RISE office

What do you need to study?

What was studying for this profession like?

How easy is it to get into the job market after studying?

What are the first few years in the industry like?

What are the different paths in the industry you can follow?

How easy is it to grow in the industry?

What can you expect to earn?

What are the highlights of the industry?

What are the negatives of the industry?

What are the common misconceptions about the industry?


Strengths TestCareer Guidance

Students also have the opportunity to take a strengths test and process the results with a positive psychologist which helps tremendously with career guidance. This exercise is not prescriptive (like an aptitude test), instead it allows students to explore what their unique set of character strengths are and to assess where and how they could apply these skills to a career they could be passionate about.


Sessions with the pros are held on Saturday mornings.

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