Model workshop
RISE models photographed by Estilo

An overview of RISE’s Modelling and The Fashion World Workshop

RISE’s Modelling and Fashion workshop is designed to expose teenagers to the different possibilities in the fashion world and to help them explore what a career in fashion really entails. The model workshop covers the business skills needed to create a career in this industry, the emotional skills needed to cope with stress and the pressures placed on model’s body image, as well as how to handle interviews and castings like a pro. Make new friends, have fun, grow your confidence, and explore the fashion world so that you can make informed decisions about your future.

Why Modelling and Fashion?

The modelling industry is often overly glamorised, however there are a few benefits to letting a teen explore this industry. Modelling and learning to model can be great for self-confidence, deportment, and self-presentation (this is why most modelling schools are seen as pseudo etiquette development institutions).  A large number of teens are passionate about fashion but often don’t realize that there are many different careers in the industry other than modelling. Allowing them to explore their passion can often spark new interests in careers they would never normally have considered, such as photography, directing, styling, writing, editing, or management.


Modelling Course outline

Week 1 – Modelling: The Modelling industry

Week 2 – Business: Industry Insight

Week 3 – Modelling: Confidence and deportment

Week 4 – Business: Basic Business Skills

Week 5 – Modelling: The Fashion industry

Week 6 – Business: Basic Business Skills

Week 7 – Modelling: Styling

Week 8 – Business: Basic Business Skills

Week 9 – Modelling: Hair and Make-uoModel workshop

Week 10 – Business: Basic Business Skills

Week 11 – Modelling: Nutrition and Exercise

Week 12 – Business: Basic Business Skills

Week 13 – Modelling: Walking and ramp techniques

Week 14 – Business: Marketing

Week 15 – Modelling: Fashion photography

Week 16 – Business: Marketing

Week 17 – Modelling: Posing and mini photoshoot

Week 18 – Business: Leadership

Week 19 – Modelling: Portfolios, agencies, and being prepared for castings

Week 20 – Business:  Leadership

* Please contact us if you would like an in-depth outline of the topics that this course covers


Model workshop
RISE Model – Bronwyn Craddock

Each student who completes the course and submits all their hand-ins, is awarded a certificate. By the end of the course each student will know whether their chosen career as a model is less glamorous than they thought and not the correct option for them (in which case they walk away with an invaluable set of entrepreneurial skills), or will be certain about their passion and be fully equipped to take their career to the next level with their newly created business knowledge.


This course is offered in Johannesburg


The fees for this workshop are R8 500 (split into smaller monthly payments)