Timo ODV meets Rise

Timo ODV meets Rise

Rise was lucky enough to have a private QnA with Timo ODV last Saturday. Some of our students went through to spend time with him backstage before one of his events.


Many of our students look up to Timo. Listening to how he set up and now runs his career gave them some insight into what they’re trying to achieve with their own careers.


Listening to how he works with labels, when he does and doesn’t take creative advice, how he gets through creative blocks, helps us to see how many different paths into the music industry there actually are. Each artist we chat to is different and each one gives us a new spark of inspiration.


What never changes is how hard they work. We admire Timo’s creative integrity and respect the amount of work and passion that goes into his music.


A huge thank you to Timo and we wish him all the future success we think he deserves.

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