What we’ve learnt about Entrepreneurship – Part 1

What we’ve learnt about Entrepreneurship – Part 1

We’ve had over a hundred Gr 9 students set up businesses since the start of the year. A term later, we’ve asked them what this workshop has taught them about entrepreneurship.


Being a small business owner and going through all the struggles of getting an idea off the ground has given them some amazing insights.


The most common answer was that they learnt that building your own business isn’t easy. Entrepreneurship has been so glamourized by the success of trendy silicon start-ups that there’s now a common misconception that becoming an entrepreneur is easy and requires barely any effort.


This illusion was quickly shattered for all our young business owners and they soon realized just how much hard work they had to put in to make things happen. It comes as a shock after a few weeks of thinking and planning, that they end up with nothing to show for any of it. Acting on these ideas and actually being brave enough to start implementing their plans is the only way to get their businesses started.  The more effort they put in, the more they began to see results. To get all the way to the goals they’d set for their businesses, they’ve realized just how much effort is really needed.


Walking this path for a term really puts things into perspective. A good idea is just that, a good idea. To make a successful business out of it takes some serious hard work and dedication.


What a fantastic lesson to learn at 15 years old!

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