The DJ Production Course is a unique fusion of two distinguished educational paths: the Ultimate DJ and Music Production programs. Within this comprehensive curriculum, we offer aspiring DJs a transformative experience that empowers them to not only master the art of DJing but also unleash their creative prowess in music production. Designed with the dreamers in mind, this program is tailored for individuals who aspire to not only mix tracks but to craft their own tracks.

The DJ Production program is a combination of two distinguished RISE Academy courses; Ultimate DJ and Music Production.

The DJ production Course covers the 4 Fundamentals required to master the art of DJ and music production

  1. Fundamental 1: The Practical
    1. Music Production: Welcome to the Practical Section of the Music Production Course, where we dive deep into the hands-on aspects of creating and refining music. You'll receive a comprehensive introduction to music production, including an overview of FL Studio and the art of song creation. Learn the intricacies of sequencing and explore the world of sampling, from the basics to advanced techniques. Uncover the secrets of music theory to create harmonious compositions and participate in interactive activity classes. Discover the art of arrangement and processing in music production, and delve into essential topics such as EQ, automation, compression, and sound design. Master the intricacies of mixing and take your tracks to the next level with lessons on mastering. Whether you're a beginner or looking to refine your production skills, this practical section will equip you with the essential tools to excel in music production.
    2. Ultimate DJ: In the "Practical Topics" section of the Ultimate DJ Course, we focus on hands-on DJing skills, covering gear setup, cueing, beatmatching, mixing, and advanced techniques. You'll also learn about effects and sampling and the use of technology in DJing. Enhance your stage presence and storytelling for captivating live performances, including live streaming.
  2. Fundamental 2: The Workshops: In the "Workshops" section you'll experience dynamic hands-on training to elevate your DJing skills. These workshops cover DJ battles, turntablism, music composition, genre versatility, beatmaking, creative equipment use, and on-camera presentation to enhance your overall performance.
  3. Fundamental 3: The Industry: Here we cover essential aspects of the music industry. From radio dynamics to music history, record labels, and publishing, you'll gain knowledge about industry professionalism and copyright. Discover alternative revenue streams and the art of fan engagement, ensuring you're well-prepared for success in DJing, including touring and live performances.
  4. Fundamental 4: The Business: In the "Business" section we prepare you with essential business skills and a competitive mindset for success in DJing. Learn track selection, branding, marketing, and social media promotion. Master public relations and create a compelling Electronic Press Kit (EPK). Embrace professionalism, including working with riders, networking, agent collaboration, and business planning. Discover the strategies to secure bookings, attract clients, and maintain a high standard of professionalism in your DJ career.

The DJ Production Course is a combination of the Pro Ultimate DJ Course and the Pro Music Production Course


DJ Production Pro

  • Number Of Classes: 64
  • Schedule: Part-Time Or Full-Time
  • Course Fee: From R 39  975
  • Course Duration: 40 Weeks *

Elevate your DJing and music production skills to professional levels with our DJ Pro and Music Production Course. This integrated program offers an in-depth exploration of key aspects crucial to your career in the music industry, ensuring you stand out in the competitive world of electronic music.

In the DJ Pro Course, you'll:

  • Hone your track selection skills, crafting sets that move crowds and create unforgettable moments.
  • Establish a unique brand, mastering the art of marketing and social media promotion to build your fan base.
  • Enhance your public relations skills and learn how to create compelling electronic press kits (EPKs) that impress industry professionals.
  • Navigate the professional world of DJing, from managing riders to networking and dealing with agents and managers.
  • Develop your business acumen with lessons on crafting solid business plans and pitching your creative ideas.
  • Cultivate a growth mindset, enabling you to thrive under pressure, meet deadlines, and cope with failure and stress.
  • Gain insights into breaking into clubs, securing new clients, all while maintaining a professional image and reputation.
  • Dive into the technical aspects of DJing with gear setup, cueing basics, digital software, and advanced mixing techniques.
  • Experiment with effects and sampling to add depth and creativity to your sets.
  • Embrace the world of digital DJing, with comprehensive coverage of software and techniques.
  • Showcase your skills through demos and engage in thrilling DJ battles.

In the Music Production Course, you'll explore:

  • An Introduction to Music Production.
  • A deep dive into FL Studio with an overview of its features and capabilities.
  • Song creation, sequencing, and an exploration of sampling techniques.
  • Music theory to understand the intricacies of creating melodies, harmonies, and chord progressions.
  • Arrangement and the art of structuring your compositions.
  • Processing and enhancement techniques, including EQ, compression, automation, and sound design.
  • A comprehensive exploration of studio equipment and how to make the most of it.
  • Mixing and mastering techniques to give your tracks a professional, polished sound.

Our DJ Pro and Music Production Course is designed to take your DJing and music production to the next level, equipping you with the knowledge and expertise needed to excel in the world of professional music creation and performance. Whether you're looking to perform in top venues, create chart-topping hits, or simply become a versatile and skilled artist, this comprehensive program has it all.

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At RISE Academy, we prioritize passion and talent as the primary qualifications for enrollment. We have no educational or technical prerequisites because we value your innate abilities above all else. However, for advanced courses, it is essential to master the foundational skills before progressing to higher levels.

For DJ classes you will need a USB (8-16 GB’s) and earphones. To start you will not need the state of the art earphones, entry level ones are fine. For Music Production classes you will need a laptop, earphones and FL Studios. Head over to the FAQs for our recommendations.


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Sibusiso (Breeze) Shezi


Breeze aka Zulu Bass King is a musician who brings years of experience in studio, on radio, and on the stage to Rise Academy.
He has had tracks played on major SA radio stations, multiple music nominations, and has performed at some of South Africa’s largest music events. He’s worked with a huge array of top artists such as Nasty C, Soweto Gospel Choir, and Ladysmith Black Mambazo, just to mention a few.

He used to dance and play rugby competitively and loves to run fitness drills with our performance students to get them ready to pull off amazing stage routines.



Chay is a Public Relations practitioner who manages all of the academy’s
communications. Her role combines an enthusiasm for social media, digital
marketing, and music.
She is also on hand to help students with their marketing and PR queries by
ensuring that her door is always open, and if students are lucky there might even be
some peppermint crisp tart up for grabs since her recipe is one of the best.



Chay is a Public Relations practitioner who manages all of the academy’s
communications. Her role combines an enthusiasm for social media, digital
marketing, and music.
She is also on hand to help students with their marketing and PR queries by
ensuring that her door is always open, and if students are lucky there might even be
some peppermint crisp tart up for grabs since her recipe is one of the best.



James is a DJ who got his start at the age of 16. He brings his onstage energy and
enthusiasm for music to the Rise Academy classroom where he teaches students
everything they need to know about the art of DJing. He is a skilled sound engineer
with a background in recording, producing and mixing.
James also trained as a classical pianist and is an avid surfer.



With more than two decades of experience in event organising, planning and logistics, Craig knows the ins and outs of the music world. He brings an invaluable
network of industry contacts to the Rise Academy community.
In 1998, Craig began U-PARTY, an event production and management company assisting schools to raise funds through community events and socials. He holds a BComm degree from the University of the Witwatersrand and is a self- proclaimed lego aficionado.



Sue brings her business acumen and passion for youth development to the academy, which she launched in 2015. She is a savvy consultant who is experienced in coordinating music events that attract young audiences.
Sue’s academic background in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics (PPE) piqued her interest in business ethics — a subject she ended up teaching at UCT during the final year of her Honours degree. She also loves cats and practices Jiu-jitsu.