This course is for you if you are passionate about music, sound, and live events! One of the most important things a Sound Engineer needs before getting hired to work at big events is lots of experience. That’s why this course covers both practical lessons and real-world event and production experience – so that we ensure your CV shines in this super competitive industry! Our students get to work on the set-up and sound for incredible events. In the past, they have worked on events with headlining artists as big as Black Coffee and AKA.

We are partnered with The Live Group, which owns multiple event companies. Such a partnership ensures our students a range of event experiences. The Live Group has 22 years of experience, a perfect event safety record, and one of the best reputations for professionalism in the business.

If you want to work on the sound at some of the most exciting events in the country, we’ve got you covered!

  1. Section 1: The Foundation of Live Sound: In this first section, we'll delve into the foundational elements of live sound engineering. We'll start by exploring the concept of "What is a Sound System," setting the stage for understanding the intricate components and their roles in delivering live audio experiences. Next, we'll journey into the world of "Frequency Response," unraveling how different frequencies shape the sonic landscape. We'll also decode the language of "Decibels and Sound Levels," learning to measure and manage volume effectively. Then, we'll investigate the unique challenges presented by "Indoor vs Outdoor Sound," understanding how the environment influences sound production.
  2. Section 2: Fine-Tuning the Craft: in Section 2 we'll continue our exploration of live sound with a focus on advanced topics. We'll delve into the art of using "Microphones" effectively, covering various types and applications. "Preamps, Small Mixers, and Mixing Consoles" will provide insight into the technical aspects of audio control. "Power Amplifiers" and "Loud Speakers" will be our next stops, exploring the crucial components that shape sound quality. We'll then venture into the world of "Signal Processing and EFX," discovering how to enhance audio quality and creativity. We'll also emphasize the significance of "Cabling" for smooth and efficient sound transmission. Lastly, we'll apply all this knowledge to real-world scenarios in "Event Scenarios," learning to adapt and excel in various live sound contexts.
  3. Section 3: The setup: At the core of this course lies the understanding that experience is paramount for a Sound Engineer's success. To equip you with the edge you need, we blend practical lessons with actual event and production involvement. Our students aren't just learning theories; they're setting up soundscapes for breathtaking events. Imagine contributing to events headlined by giants like Black Coffee and AKA – because at our institution, you will.
  4. The add-on workshops: The Live Sound Course offers six Sound Engineering Workshops as optional add-ons for students at a nominal additional fee. These workshops cover a range of essential topics, including understanding acoustics, setting up monitor systems, mastering soundboard routing, managing feedback issues, ensuring safety in equipment rigging, and getting hands-on experience with digital audio consoles. These add-ons provide students with comprehensive knowledge and practical skills to excel in live sound engineering.

Throughout this course, you'll not only gain a deep understanding of live sound engineering but also have the opportunity to apply your knowledge in practical settings. Whether you're new to the world of audio or looking to refine your skills, this course will equip you with the expertise to create unforgettable sonic experiences. 

Welcome to the world of Live Sound!

1. Live Sound

  • Number Of Classes: 24
  • Schedule: Part-Time
  • Course Fee: From R 14  917
  • Course Duration: 36 Weeks *

Embark on an exhilarating journey into the realm of soundscaping at captivating events. This course serves as your gateway to a world where passion and precision merge harmoniously. Immerse yourself in the fusion of art and science in sound engineering, and seize extraordinary opportunities to craft experiences that will leave audiences spellbound for a lifetime.

What you can expect from this course;

  • A comprehensive exploration of live sound engineering principles
  • Understanding sound system components
  • Mastery of frequency response and volume control (decibels)
  • Adapting to diverse indoor and outdoor sound challenges
  • In-depth knowledge of microphone types and applications
  • Technical expertise in preamps, mixers, and mixing consoles
  • Proficiency in power amplifiers and loudspeakers
  • Creativity through signal processing and audio effects (EFX)
  • Emphasis on efficient cabling for sound transmission
  • Real-world event scenarios for practical application
  • Hands-on experience through five live event practical sessions

The RISE Academy Live Sound course is the most hands-on Sound Engineering course in the country.


2. Add On Workshops

  • Number Of Classes: 6
  • Schedule: Part-Time
  • Course Fee: R 3 950

There are 6 Sound Engineering Workshops available as an add-on to the Live Sound Course. Students who wish to do the workshops can add this package to their course fee at a nominal additional fee.

The Workshop Add-ons are:

  • Acoustic Principles: Understanding how sound behaves in different environments and how to work with acoustics to optimize sound quality in various venues.
  • Monitor Systems: Exploring the setup and operation of monitor systems for musicians and performers to hear themselves and other audio sources on stage.
  • Soundboard Routing and Signal Flow: Teaching the students about the routing of audio signals through mixing consoles and signal processors, ensuring a smooth and efficient audio path.
  • Feedback Prevention and Management: Techniques for identifying and mitigating feedback issues during live performances to ensure a clean and distortion-free sound.
  • Rigging and Safety: Covering the safe installation, suspension, and rigging of sound equipment and addressing safety protocols for live events, especially in outdoor settings.
  • Digital Audio Consoles: Introduction to digital mixing consoles, their features, and advantages, as well as hands-on experience in operating digital audio consoles commonly used in live sound setups.

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At RISE Academy, we prioritize passion and talent as the primary qualifications for enrollment. We have no educational or technical prerequisites because we value your innate abilities above all else.



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Sibusiso (Breeze) Shezi


Breeze aka Zulu Bass King is a musician who brings years of experience in studio, on radio, and on the stage to Rise Academy.
He has had tracks played on major SA radio stations, multiple music nominations, and has performed at some of South Africa’s largest music events. He’s worked with a huge array of top artists such as Nasty C, Soweto Gospel Choir, and Ladysmith Black Mambazo, just to mention a few.

He used to dance and play rugby competitively and loves to run fitness drills with our performance students to get them ready to pull off amazing stage routines.



Chay is a Public Relations practitioner who manages all of the academy’s
communications. Her role combines an enthusiasm for social media, digital
marketing, and music.
She is also on hand to help students with their marketing and PR queries by
ensuring that her door is always open, and if students are lucky there might even be
some peppermint crisp tart up for grabs since her recipe is one of the best.



Chay is a Public Relations practitioner who manages all of the academy’s
communications. Her role combines an enthusiasm for social media, digital
marketing, and music.
She is also on hand to help students with their marketing and PR queries by
ensuring that her door is always open, and if students are lucky there might even be
some peppermint crisp tart up for grabs since her recipe is one of the best.



James is a DJ who got his start at the age of 16. He brings his onstage energy and
enthusiasm for music to the Rise Academy classroom where he teaches students
everything they need to know about the art of DJing. He is a skilled sound engineer
with a background in recording, producing and mixing.
James also trained as a classical pianist and is an avid surfer.



With more than two decades of experience in event organising, planning and logistics, Craig knows the ins and outs of the music world. He brings an invaluable
network of industry contacts to the Rise Academy community.
In 1998, Craig began U-PARTY, an event production and management company assisting schools to raise funds through community events and socials. He holds a BComm degree from the University of the Witwatersrand and is a self- proclaimed lego aficionado.



Sue brings her business acumen and passion for youth development to the academy, which she launched in 2015. She is a savvy consultant who is experienced in coordinating music events that attract young audiences.
Sue’s academic background in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics (PPE) piqued her interest in business ethics — a subject she ended up teaching at UCT during the final year of her Honours degree. She also loves cats and practices Jiu-jitsu.